Hall Hire



Applications via email

The hirer must complete hall hire form ‘A’ as appropriate and return via email (this form will be sent to you after your initial hall hire request). You will then be sent by return a (Deposit Request Form.) Once your deposit has been paid the hire date will be held for you.

(Dates are not secured until deposit has been paid)

Shortly after, you will receive another form (Request for Outstanding Balance)

The hirer is to ensure full payment has been made at least 24hrs prior to the hall hire date.

If full payment has not been received the hall hire agreement will be null and void and any deposit paid forfeited.

Requesting return of any due deposit. Please complete (Deposit Return request form). It is your responsibility to request return of deposit. Once received by us your deposit will be transferred into your account within 24hrs

Subject to T&Cs A copy of all sections will be kept by both parties.

Hard Copies of all forms are available for you to complete in the club, you can also pay your deposit and any other outstanding monies over the bar (Cash sales only) if you find this easier.

The hirer is responsible for the conduct of all guests whilst they are on/outside club premises.

The hirer must be on the premises during the hired period. if you fail to adhere to this request your deposit will be forfeited.

The club is situated in a residential area; the hirer will ensure when guests leave the club the noise level is such where it will not disturb the neighbours

*The hirer undertakes to leave the areas accessed by guests in exactly the same condition as found.

*The hirer’s deposit may be used to cover any extra cleaning required, or to cover part cost for loss or damage to Chiswick Memorial Club property. All damages must be paid for to the full value

*The hirer is responsible for the removal of all their rubbish to the outside bin provided.

*Alcohol/soft drinks may not be brought onto the premises; the hirer is responsible for informing all guests of this stipulation. All drinks to be purchased at the Bar

The Council reserve the right to cancel any function which they consider to be unsuitable or if the needs of the club require it. (Sufficient notice will be given)

The Council also reserve the right to close the premises early if deemed necessary.

The period of hire is understood to include time to prepare the function and time to clear up afterwards. No access to the hall is possible before the period of hire, nor can access be extended beyond the period of hire. (Without prior permission of the Council)

It will be the responsibility of the hirer to pay any outstanding monies relating to damage within 5 days.

* The deposit could be used to offset any of the above marked sections. In addition if the hirer cancels within 7 days of the agreed hire, 100% of the deposit will be forfeited; within 14 days 50%, any other time period a full refund may be offered.

A Deposit of £100.00 is required to secure any event Cost of Hall dependant of event: Cost on request Hall may not be hired for more than 5 Hrs

Bar will close 5 hrs after agreed start time of hall hire , (excluding 30 minutes drinking up time)

Bar will close no later than 11pm, (excluding 30 minutes drinking up time) if hired after 6pm

(Sundays/Bank holidays hall not available)

Function room closes & gates will be locked 11.30 pm sharp

Please inform your guests only cash sales are undertaken when purchasing drinks


Hiring the hall: Click on ‘Hire Hall’ below and specify the date and times you would like to book the hall for. You will then be contacted in due course.